More Warm Smoothie Recipes

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My GENERAL Warm Smoothie Recipe
I use some combination of the below, to suit my tastes that day. You can adjust to make them work for YOU.
  • COFFEE (yeah, I don’t think it’s evil.  But IF I have any, I usually only have one cup).
  • tea
  • Dandy blend (we love this stuff)
  • herbal tea with some body and richness
  • matcha (powdered, so I’m listing it separately from tea)


  • milk of your choice
  • protein of your choice. I like collagen hydrolysate, but maybe you have a favorite whey powder or other protein powder.
  • a teaspoon of nut butter
  • a touch of coconut oil
  • sweetener of choice (honey, molasses, stevia, even plain ‘ol sugar)
PLUS any supplements you think would stir in well.
I stir these together in my cocoa maker. If I’m on the ball, the night before I’ll put everything except the milk in the maker. Then the next morning I can just add milk and press start.  Perfect for an early, groggy morning.  For extra fanciness, sprinkle cinnamon, cardamom or other spices on top!

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