Make the Most of Mamahood

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All mamas are productive.


adjective; pro·duc·tive; \prə-ˈdək-tiv, prō-\
: doing or achieving a lot : working hard and getting good results
: producing or able to produce something especially in large amount
: causing or resulting in something


 As a parent, you are doing and achieving a lot each and every day, even if all you do is wake up, feed your children and keep them alive.  You’ve helped produce a person, either physically and/or by raising and teaching him or her life skills. You’ve caused something to happen. Maybe it’s dinner or maybe it’s a playdate.  Or maybe you performed brain surgery.  Or designed plans for a new building.  The goal of is to help you increase your productivity by more efficiently using your time and money (earned or saved), and by increasing your family’s nourishment and general life satisfaction.  Whether you are staying home full time to manage your children and home or working outside the home full time, most of us can use some inspiration to help life go a little more smoothly.


These tools, skills, apps, tips and ideas are ones that have helped ME but in no way am I saying I have it all together and judging your decisions.  Nor do I wish mine to be judged.  We all make the best decisions for our families based on our finances, personalities, health and current life stages.  If I decide to spend money on grass-fed beef, I’m not saying you are making a mistake by not doing so. If I can’t fathom spending money on pots of coffee each day, that doesn’t mean it’s not right for you.  One person is most productive if they take an annual vacation to really “get away.”  Another person is most productive if they tithe.  And yet another can only be productive by investing in specialty food products and/or exercise programs and equipment.


Had I unlimited funds, I could hire a full time nanny, personal trainer, regular housekeeping service, personal cook, auto-mechanic, stylist, gardener and I.T. expert.  Wow, imagine how productive I could be! This website does operate on the assumption most of us have financial considerations and need to carefully weigh where and how we spend money.

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