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AffiliateThe Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires the disclosure of any relationship that exists between one who endorses a product and the manufacturer or service provider of the product when writing a review about the product or service. Following are ProductiveMama.com’s general guidelines:
•I sometimes discuss or review products that have no affiliate program and make nothing by linking to their website. I am just sharing useful information with you.
•I have not been paid to do reviews on any products contained within this website.
•If there are affiliate links to a product in any of the reviews, a commission may be paid to me if you purchase the product.  I place an affiliate statement at the bottom of the page.
•I will never write a review to promote a manufacturer’s product if I feel the product will not be beneficial to you.
•Any commissions received through my promotional efforts will not impact opinions on a product. I will share my true and honest opinions.
•I have a Demarle at Home storefront and link to it.
•There are sometimes home business opportunities that I share and will financially benefit from doing so.  I will honestly review the opportunity and truthfully share the pros and cons of any such endeavor. In most cases, I will also offer support for anyone who pursues the opportunity.