Color Street Nail Polish Strips Review

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PM Bottom Line:  A definite yes. So easy, so cute, so durable.  Loved them so much I hosted a Nail Bar.  See the Pros and Cons list at the bottom.

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I haven’t done my nails in about two years.  I may have done my toes, but I can’t remember.  Up until then, I was all about Jamberry nails!  For my toes. I hardly ever did my fingers because, even though I’m petty laid back and low maintenance, I want my nails to look GOOD if I’m going to put forth the effort.  Toes are far away from most eyes and can be imperfect.  But I see my fingers constantly, including chips, smudges and imperfections.  Also, I play the guitar on a regular basis and so have to keep my nails trimmed.  Jamberry pedicures took some time and a bit of contortionism on my part, but they lasted SO LONG that it was worth it.  I would have cute toes for a good long while!


A few weeks ago I did my toes again.  And remembered that yes, it does take some time and a wee bit of frustration. I mean, have you seen peoples’ toenails?  They’re weird.  In fact, everyone’s nails are funky shaped.  And with Jamberry’s wraps, you have to cut the wrap to the shape of your nail.  Still, my toes were now officially super cute.


Then I stumbled across Color Street Nail Strips online.  This company makes nail polish strips that are 100% real nail polish.  They say the application will last up to fourteen days.


I found a few local “stylists” and picked one, contacted her and she never followed through.  Grrrr.  But my second time was a charm and I got a few samples in the mail right away.  I had 15 minutes before I had to head out the door on the morning of August 12.  I was a little nervous about trying something new like this when rushed, but I dove in.  They were so easy!  And looked amazing.  I couldn’t believe it.  They were basically stick on, file the tip of the nail and BAM!  Dry and Done.  Here’s the August 12 photo.
Day of Application, Aug. 12
I continued living my life, which includes playing guitar, washing dishes and more. I was not careful with my nails. I only trimmed them when needed.
Here’s Aug 17.
Aug. 17
Aug. 17
And here’s August 29, when I removed them.
Aug. 29, some wear at the base and lots of nail growth showing.
Aug. 29, some wear at the base and lots of nail growth showing.
You can see I’ve had a lot of nail growth and some wear at the base.  I did need to trim regularly so I could play guitar, so that kept the ends neat. But this is 17 days later and I was still getting compliments.


Oh, I wanted to mention that these lasted over two weeks AND I completely forgot to use the little alcohol wipes with them to prep the nail so the strips will adhere better and last longer.


Now, I haven’t tried these on my toes yet, but I know they’ll be easier than wraps.  Since I still have lots of wraps from previous parties, I plan on using them on my toes for awhile but using Color Street on my fingers.


 Sets include 16 nail strips to account for different nail sizes and shapes.  I cut mine in two to get twice the amount of manicures.  My nails aren’t long, so I can do that. I think I’ll be able to get three manicures from a set and at least that many pedicures since toenails are usually smaller. So that’s $3-4 per manicure or pedicure. Now, you can get a lot more out of a bottle of nail polish for sure.  But not patterns and, well, I stink at nail polish application.  So this is a decent value for me, especially if they last two weeks.


The girls are all excited to use them so we hosted Nail Bar! With our rewards we each got two sets (8 sets total).
  • slight nail polish smell after application, BUT nowhere NEAR the fumes or liquid polish
  • not as many color/pattern selections as Jamberry
  • you have to re-seal what you did not use, as these are real nail polish and will dry out
  • not 100% organic with absolutely no chemicals
  • free of a lot of the harsher nail polish chemicals
  • super fast and ….
  • SO EASY TO APPLY (no cutting, no heat)
  • no dry time
  • lays flat because it’s thin nail polish
  • lasts a looooong time
  • Can be removed with nail polish remover.  Wraps are a little trickier to remove and you have to be careful to not damage your nails.
  • No special equipment needed
  • My girls can do them no their own.  They just could never get the wraps and I didn’t have the patience to help them AND get to their required level of perfection.

The reviewed products were free samples. I also purchased some products on my own. I am not a Color Street stylist. But this lady is, if you’re looking for someone who will happily and professionally help you out. Contact her directly at her contact page or on facebook, mention Productive Mama, and she’ll send you a free sample.

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  1. You just stretch them to fit your nail — no trimming! Then use the end of your fingernail to “cut” them the length of your nail. 🙂

  2. Can you put a topncoat over top of them. Or a gel top coat to keep them from chipping? I have very weak nails and like how the gel keep my polish from not chipping . And i like how strong they are.

    1. It’s my understanding these have the topcoat built in (as well as the base?). I am not familiar with gel, though, so I’m going to see if I can get someone more knowledgeable to come over here and offer some advice!

    2. Pam,
      I have fairly weak nails too and these Color Street nail polish strips have allowed me to grow out my fingernails (too long, in fact). I find that I get some cracking along stress points in my natural nails but I don’t get the chipping and peeling that happens to me with regular nail polish. Color Street makes a clear set (Clear as Day) that has double the number of nail strips for the same price. I find that if I want to wear a set for longer than a week, putting the Clear as Day over the top gives me up to 4 weeks of wear without any cracking. I like changing the designs and colors often, so I usually do not use the Clear as Day over the top when I change every week, not because they need to be changed, but because I want to have something different. Feel free to contact me if you need more information or want to try some.

    3. This is an old thread, but you absolutely can use a topcoat over the Color Street nail strips. I use Sally Hansen’s miracle gel clear coat, and then a quick dry top coat. Works great!

  3. My freinds tried your product and they said it didnt last that long mybe 3 days what did they do wrong? And they bought lots of them?

    1. Pam, my best guesses would be:
      her nails weren’t clean
      she didn’t prep them with the alcohol wipe
      she got some on her skin, allowing water to get between her nail and the strip
      she got her nails/hands really wet right after applying (my daughter went swimming right after applying – mistake)

      I can only say that I play guitar, cook, wash dishes and more and they certainly last longer than three days. But they ARE nail polish. And nail polish has its natural limits.

      1. Pam,
        Without speaking to your friend, I am unsure what might have happened.

        The nails need to be clean and free from oils. (prep with the alcohol swab)

        It is best to wash the hands with dish soap before as well to eliminate as much oil on the hands also.

        The polish strips should not touch the skin. If they do, they should be trimmed with another fingernail or a cuticle stick and peeled off the skin. (if they stay in contact with the skin, water can get underneath the strip and interfere with the adhesion to the nail)

        Hands should not be submerged in water for about an hour after application (allow the adhesive to set completely). Many women have great success applying the nail strips right before bed.

        After application, you should not pick at the edges or disturb them, as it takes about an hour for the adhesive to really set.

        Lotion or cream should not be used on the hands for about an hour after application.

        If you would like me to mail you a sample, or have other questions, please contact me:

    1. Sorry to hear that. Except for the time my daughter went swimming IMMEDIATELY after applying them, I can definitely say that wasn’t the case for me (and all my girls). I can get weeks out of them and I’m no professional!

    2. Did you talk to the Stylist who you purchased them through? Color Street wants its customers to be happy, and they will replace any defective product. I am so sorry you did not have success. It is unusual for this to happen.

    3. Mine have been on for three weeks and the reason I need take them off is because my nails have grown so much besides I want to try a new style. I love this product!!!

  4. Hi Donna,
    You can contact Shalali at any of the links at the very end of my review. I am not a stylist, but she is and can get you some samples. Thanks for reading!

  5. **Corrected post, sorry for the confusion** Please disregard my previous post, as it had the wrong website listed**

    I am S-O-L-D on Colorstreet products and this blog (Productive Mama, you’re adorable!) Seriously, I am the worst person at doing nails and after trying these products once, I became a Color Street stylist. I am also the last person on earth that thought she would be into sales. I am a full-time nurse, wife, and Mom but after trying out the product, I couldn’t help but get involved.

    I’ve made it easy the process easy to order products and get samples. > About >Meet Your Stylist>Contact Me
    –Provide your name and address and I will mail you a sample!

    Here’s the catch 😉 I want to see your Color Street samples on Instagram or Facebook

    HASHTAG your Color Street mani’s #NailBossBabe

    Instagram: Mrs_XIXIXVI
    Facebook: CL Lauren

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